Time Awareness

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Course Assignment – Track your time for 1 week

This assignment is required for Mind Tools for Students and Mind Tools for Business.  At the end of your 7 day tracking period, and in order to obtain a certificate for the course, please take this survey.

Why do this?

Change requires new behavior and behavior requires time.  Where will you find time to put new things into your life?  Start here by writing down how you spend every hour for 1 week.

With your list, this will identify what you are doing, where your time is spent and you will either need to identify gaps, improve efficiency, or choose which activities to replace with new ones.  If you watch a lot of TV, that is a great chunk of time to now spend learning new useful information and putting new behavior into your life.  Start the process by writing down where you spend your time for every hour this week.

Collect the times in a spreadsheet, in your day planner, or some other location that allows you to add up the amount of time spent on each category of life.  I don’t want to see your list, but I will want you to post the number of hours that are available for new things in your life.

One student told me he had wasted 3,000 hours and with this time tracking exercise, he stopped the actions that led to those years of waste and reclaimed about 5 hours per week.

My first client reclaimed 30 minutes from her morning routine, and then used her Visual Information Maps (which you learn here) to recover from distractions during the day and reclaimed another 30-45 minutes from each day.  This 5-7 hours per week she put into her marketing plan, implemented her plan, got more clients for her therapy business and had her most profitable month in 7 years of business.  All because she became aware of where she was spending her time and used the new learning and new tools to reshape how she led her daily life.  Very simple once you start, very powerful once you continue.

Start in week 1 and post at the beginning of week 2.  Good luck, and let me know what you discover!

Paul Greenberg (paul.greenberg@gogeco.org)