For Government


Due to budget concerns, you are probably doing the work of at least two people.  Would you benefit from lower stress memory, increased efficiency, and help learning the new jobs that your changing job may require?

As with business,you and your city face some very unique challenges of our times, and some of the same challenges people have always faced.

For the new challenges, we offer individual and team based training in Tools & Techniques to help:

  • Manage information overload
  • Organize and plan your specific projects
  • Use visual, online collaboration tools to create ideas, continuously build projects, and capture knowledge in real time
  • Develop or maintain your Purpose, Mission, Goals, & Strategies
  • Train new employees more quickly
  • and more

For the oldest challenges we all face, the Tools & Techniques inherently help your mind:

  • Learn & remember
  • Focus your attention
  • Recover from distraction faster
  • Choose the habits you want to develop
  • and more

You and your team will get all of these benefits because the whole system is tailored to be Ergonomic for the way You and Your Team Members think, learn, communicate, manage information & knowledge, and make decisions.  All training is founded on neuroscientific principles, and rather than just hear about fancy theories, you will put them to work because using the tools inherently creates a more brain-friendly work environment.

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