What could you do with more brain power?

What couldn’t you do? If you are excited about unlocking more of your own potential or your team’s potential, you’ve come to the right place.

GECO Inc provides a variety of educational and consulting services including group and individual instruction in Tools and Methods for thinking, working, and creating in the Information Overload Age.

All training seminars and individual sessions begin with an orientation to and evaluation of your particular situation. All training focuses approximately 50% on the process (your new learning system), and 50% on the content (your particular goals, projects, or tasks).

In a one on one setting, training looks like this:


Steps to getting and completing your training program

Schedule a 15 minute phone call

  • Agenda
  1. Introductions
  2. Discover top work-flow, personal, and professional development priorities of you and your team
  3. Who are the decision makers and primary stakeholders?
  4. Discuss timeline and schedule a 30-60min Demo
  5. After Demo, decide on next steps & follow-up
      1. Outline the training project’s purpose, goals, action items, timelines, and follow-up.
      2. Prepare, review, and sign contract
      3. Schedule, arrange and conduct training
  • Assessment forms are completed at the end of all training sessions You will be invited to provide testimonials and to offer suggestions for service improvements and/or creation of new services.
  • Your program leader will be provided with a program evaluation document summarizing the purpose, goals, outcomes, and follow-up recommendations of your training experience

Set up your training program, and what to expect.

  • Greetings & Software Installation
  • Program Purpose: Help you design an electronic thinking system to augment your mind
  • Brief discussion: Learning, Memory, Attention
  • Basic Software Usage
  • Your Project Brainstorming
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Intermediate Software Usage
  • Guided Partner Interviews – Clarify your goals & projects with a partner
  • Your initial electronic “External Brain” is now set up
  • Final Comments & Week 1 Challenges
  • Welcome back, Your Discoveries, Your Time Inventory, Issues
  • Brief Concept Review
  • Your Project Development – Review and Suggestions
  • Your Content Area Focus
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Streamlining workflows & your system for learning, memory & attention
  • General information management principles (capture, funnel, process, etc)
  • Week 2 Challenges
  • Welcome back, Your Discoveries, Issues
  • Creativity exercises
  • Adding to Your Knowledge Base
  • Rapid Learning & Research
  • Your Content Area Focus
  • Expanding your system with hyperlinks, Re-organizing for speed
  • Visual Assisted Thinking for teams & individuals
  • Week 3 Challenges
  • Welcome back, Your Discoveries, Issues
  • Your Content Area Focus
  • Finalizing your Dashboard, Scoreboard, Plans/Action Maps
  • Reviewing your Knowledge Base & Project Maps
  • Reviewing your personal and team Purpose
  • Identify your next goals, challenges, projects
  • How to know if your actions are working – build you evaluation system
  • Final Challenges

The Guarantee – Free lifetime support, any question, any time.