Critical Thinking & Great Debates

Read and Listen here to build a stronger mind.

The faster the world moves, the less time there is to see it.

Thinking well takes time, so if you would like to make decisions rather than have them made for you, you need to build the muscles of analysis, critique, evaluation, and confidence.

To get the mental equivalent of strength training, you must learn from the masters of critical debate.  When you are able to see their perspectives, reasoning, how they construct arguments and make points, how they escape and fall victim to bias, then you are evolving into someone who can think and act independently.  You will not depend on other people to tell you what is real and what is true because you are more than capable of doing that for yourself.

The following argument map will take you to some great training material.  Listen to how they speak, how fast or slow, what they focus on, how they use language carefully to express themselves precisely and how they handle challenges and counter arguments.  Compare reasoned speech to the silly noise that dominates most popular media.  If you expose your mind only to junk arguments which are the equivalent of junk food, then your reasoning process remains malnourished and underdeveloped.  Put down the hotdogs of thought and use these short talks as stepping stones to a feast of reason.

Who is right and who is wrong?  About what are they right or wrong? How are they doing this?  How do people try to control one another with language, opinion, images, and more?


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