Plan, Organize, Create, Inspire

Do you want more from yourself, your education, or your career?

Steps to using your "External Brain" as a life or project guidance system.

Steps to using your “External Brain”


Our seminars provide accelerated training in computer programs and techniques that help you unleash your creativity and free your mind by creating an “external brain”.   Find simple ways to improve your administrative speed using visual mapping for planning and organization

Clarify thought to link your inspiration with actions.

Identify simple ways to maximize your strengths and minimize weaknesses.

Improve your performance in college, graduate school, or business improve your learning, writing, research, or business development.

All seminars are meant to help you increase speed & efficiency, rapidly manage personal and work-related information, and to help you develop the planning and organization required to free your creative potential and do or achieve that which inspires you.

This is the gateway – we teach simple but profound ideas. We also train you to use the tools that help you turn ideas into actionable plans. Implement the systems at your own pace – reap the rewards at your own pace.

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