Welcome to our page on mindfulness.

Here you will find videos and links to ancient and new methods to shape your brain activity, shape the contents of your mind, shape your reactions to emotions, and much more.  My goal here is to provide links to useful information and to sort out the garbage, lies and hype.

Mindfulness has many definitions, and here I am defining it as thoughts, feelings, and mental exercises that you can do in order to change and strengthen your mind/brain’s ability to perceive, act, feel, and make good life decisions.  Because this is an exploration for me right now, this page and definition may change.

To get us started, I just want to get started with thought provoking material.  Because video speaks to our generation, we will feature different thought provoking interviews and other information.  These videos also go hand in hand with all the different classes I teach.

Here is a video by my friend Willoughby B. who is interviewing Leigh Brasington, a meditation teacher and I’m sure much more.

More to come, but we will use these resources and mindfulness practices as part of your preparation and growth while using the Technocortex system of applied neuroscience to enhance your personal and professional potential.