Mind Tools for Increased Creativity & Productivity with Lower Stress

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  • Lower Stress Memory
  • Tap More Creativity
  • Strategy & Marketing Maps


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  • Lower Stress Project Mgt
  • Remember who said what
  • Streamline your personal workflow


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  • Lower Stress Learning & Memory
  • Clearly Present Hard Topics
  • Easily Make Sense of Hard Topics


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  • Lower Stress Learning & Memory
  • Clearly Present Hard Topics
  • Easily Make Sense of Hard Topics


For small and mid-sized companies, we offer brain-based personal/professional development seminars. The goals include lower stress productivity and increased creativity.
For high schools, colleges, and universities, we offer brain-based personal/professional development seminars that focus on systems for life-long learning, memory, organization, productivity, teaching methods, and course development.
For city and state employees, we offer training in brain-based methods for lower stress productivity and improved organization, project management and memory.
Create your professional grade learning system, a brain-based tool for your entire education and career development.
Writers, entrepreneurs, innovators, free-spirits, wisdom seekers. Work with your ideas in a way that few people can. Learn a brain based method to tap more of your mind’s potential, stop losing your best ideas, and systematically build your ideas until you are ready to take action.


Why contact Dr. Greenberg at GECO Inc?

Escape Overload With Your Technocortex

Many people in today’s workforce are suffering from information overload and are doing the jobs of 2 or more people, yet also appreciate being able to more systematically tap into and engage their creative and innovative mind. Because it is important to use tools and methods that harness both the right and left-hemisphere dominant functions, your training to create a virtual brain-extension using electronic visual information mapping may well become one of your favorite investments. Getting the training to create your own “Technocortex” is as close as you can currently come to having an extra brain.

Fast Training, nearly zero IT budget

With training designed for overly busy CEO’s, you can immediately begin using your new skills in brain-based tools and methods to reduce the effects of information overload, achieve lower stress productivity, and much more. GECO Inc promotes open-source software, so your technology investment is zero dollars unless you need additional functions such as an on-line collaborative work environment.  Because GECO Inc does not sell software, we are free to use any variety of visual information mapping software that best suits your specific needs.  We avoid overly expensive software or restrictive licensing and instead prefer tools that cost your organization nothing.

Not Offered Anywhere Else

Our training systems are not offered anywhere else in the world and very few true neuroscientists have personally trained hundreds of students and professionals to employ brain-based achievement methods. By taking your hands-on training from Dr. Greenberg, an experienced neuroscientist (10 years), who has a passion for translating complicated knowledge into instantly useful skills, you get an eye-opening experience from someone who has worked in the classroom, living room, board room, operating room, laboratory, and more. Having trained people from the ages of 8 on up, Dr. Greenberg has seen that nearly anyone can learn the basics and that there is no end to the usefulness of your training and the system it helps you create.

What do I do next?

Call or email to explain your situation and arrange your demonstration.