Chris Gordon, Minneapolis, MN – Physician’s Asst

Use: Continuing Medical Education

“Using it for CME is what thrills me. Going to a CME, learning a subject, researching further, plugging it all into my personal mindmap which represents how my mind thinks about the topic, referring to it whenever I need it. There are so many things in medicine you use once a month, once a quarter, once a year… you remember much of it and you recognize what the problem is, but the details are vital and are impossible to hold in your head forever (and they change, too!)”

Angel Vallejo, San Diego, CA – Non-Profit Director

Use: Non-Profit organizational development, learning

“The workshop is extremely valuable, this type of learning and habit development can revolutionize any person or organization’s current reality.”


Theodore Bush, San Diego, CA – Doctoral Candidate

Use: Enhancing education

“I look forward to more, more, more, and more”


Anthony Odozi, San Diego, CA – Doctoral Candidate

Use: Enhancing Education

“I wish I had something like this when I started school.”


Debbie, Escondido, CA – High School Teacher

Use: Organization & Lesson Plans

“It is a great organizational tool and saves time. I can see what I need in 1 page!! I think everybody could benefit from it, teachers, students, parents, etc.”


Jeanie Spies Navy Marine Corps Relief Society, MCAS Miramar, Director

“Hi Paul, One of our members, Jessica, has started using freemind and LOVES it. I thought you would be happy to hear your presentation has touched others and is being used! Thanks for sharing.”


San Diego Students


Estelle Keeter (Brandman University Student)

Use: Course work, capturing online class content

“I especially liked my thoughts and needs into one place – great for students”

Kim Mitchell (Brandman University Student).  “Extremely valuable, this is going to be a tool that I will use daily from now on.  I especially liked the brainstorming and interview portion.”

D. Molenda (Professional, Advanced Career Strategies)  “The instructor was clear and was most supportive & helpful.  He was enthusiastic and made sure that I understood everything.  Did an excellent job in answering questions.  I thought the concept was very good and I will certainly implement it.”

Martha Edwards (Brandman Student).  “I especially liked that mind mapping can be used in all aspects of an individual’s life.  Extremely valuable – assist in organizing thoughts/ideas. Enhance creativity.  I’m certain that other students would enjoy and benefit from the course”

Mindugas Sereiva (Student). “I can finally organize my ideas, free up my mind for new ones and act on them.  Great seminar.  Should be taught in schools.”

Laura Paquian (Brandman Student).  “I especially liked the step by step instructions.  I am the person that relies on post-it notes, reminders, etc, so I can see how this will help me stay focused.”

Ruben Paquian (Student).  “Extremely valuable, I’m looking forward to playing around with the program and setting it up to my specifications.  I’m currently student teaching at High Tech High in Chula Vista – a project based learning school that would greatly benefit from these programs – both staff and students.”

Diana McClendon (Brandman Student),  “Extremely valuable, I plan to tell others about it”

Jennifer Love (Brandman Student).  “It has changed my stress level already; I now know there is an easy to organize my life.  I especially liked the practicality and applicability to use in my life.”

Kelly Yount (Brandman Student).  “Very valuable – treat starting point.  When I looked at it on my own, I wasn’t sure where to start.  I can see more of the functionality now so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming to start using it.”

Len Legotte (Brandman Student).  “I heard about this seminar through Dr. Greenberg.  On a scale of 1-10, a 10.  This is a mind-opening, inspiring concept.  I especially liked the hands-on creation of mind maps and working one on one with Jeanna.” (Note – students work with each other during the seminars).

“I attended 3 sessions Paul presented. I believe this is a software that is marketable and is useful in a wide sector of markets.  I picked up more information each session and wanted to know more.  My biggest takeaway was using the software for my sister’s 50th birthday gift – using one node per decade, and listing the many of the important moments in those decades.”

Uses: “A new paradigm for listing many ideas on paper in a planned and organized fashion.   A tool to use in teaching, business and personal use.  A job search tool.  School -Organizing teaching concepts within a chapter.  Beneficial in finding a job – multiple aspects – meetings, contacts, industries, companies, resumes, cover letters…

Benefits: “Stress relief, and 3-5 hours of time saved in using software to show current job search status.  Significant reduction in information overload – excellent usage for brainstorming – Haven’t used enough for actual percentages.  Great for planning trips, or making long term goals

Mario Contreras (Brandman Student).  “I especially liked how the program works and makes studying, brainstorming, and writing appear easy.  The workshop is very valuable, especially if you are taking notes in the meeting, class, or even for personal goals.”

Carolina Contreras (Student).  “The entire program is very beneficial to learn.  It can help with so many aspects of life.  Everything was great.  The workshop was extremely valuable.  I can use it for many things and it makes it easier.  This could be useful for anyone in any profession.”

Meghan Richardson (Student).  “Paul Greenberg is a great instructor who is knowledgeable and helped me form ideas and innovative ways to use mind mapping.  The immediate benefit was heightened organization and “freeing up” space in my mind to tackle other projects.  The mind mapping experience was important to me because it opened up for more freedom in expression, creativity, and organizational skills.    The benefits have been increased organization, speed and accuracy in finding information.  I would recommend the presenter to anyone who wants to learn to how to be more organized and efficient.  I value this training because it has left me with a tool to use in many different situations, helps me to brainstorm and organize, and it free ups time and energy that I can put toward other endeavors.”

“I wanted to thank you again for the training you presented on Saturday. I feel like it has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities in regard to how I approach projects and the way that I gather ideas and information. I have already implemented Mind Mapping for a few different projects in some of my graduate level courses and it is helping me track my progress immensely. I know that Mind Mapping will also be of great benefit working with Kerry, we will be able to start collaborating on projects in a highly effective manner.

Also of note, I e-mailed Dr. Akerele with my testimonial of the effectiveness and necessity of Mind Mapping training and I also let him know that your knowledge of the program and enthusiasm about Mind Mapping was instrumental in making the training a success.

Thank you again, and take care!”

Crystal Herring (Brandman Student)

Dr. Greenberg

First, I just want to say thank-you for taking the time to teach us how to use this valuable tool.

Some of the immediate benefits were, I was able to start using this right when I got home. Since I have always been a visual person seeing all my stuff organized along with writing down all my thoughts (i.e. grocery list, school assignments) is just how I learn and remember things, but having post -it notes, or a million reminders set in my phone just seems not as organized as I like to be. When I heard about software that can “Free my Mind” I was intrigued. Could a program really do just that? (Yes it can!)

During the session I thought of many ways I could use this program to de-clutter my mind. First, I though this would be helpful for school since I am taking multiple classes; they can be intense at times. Then I thought I could use this use this software for other things besides school. Just everyday thoughts of things that I need to get done.

After, the session I went home and played around with the software. I started to get my thoughts out on to the screen and before I knew it I had created 20 nodes to branch out on. I think the biggest thing that “Free Mind” has allowed me to start o accomplish was my house remodel. For months my husband and I were stuck on where to begin this massive project. We both just had so many ideas and certain ideas had to be done before the other (i.e. Paint the whole house before we start putting down new hardwood). I showed my husband how we could use this software to lay out a plan of action. He was reluctant at first, but after I starting creating it he saw how this tool could be really useful to us. We have been using it ever since adding little things here and there.

What I liked about the instructor of this course was he was organized and went through everything step by step. Slowing down if we had questions. Making sure we weren’t to overwhelm. He also, gave us a sheet of quick tips in case we get stuck later when we get home.

Overall, not only has this program been very helpful in schoolwork (I used this program to design / organize a 30-minute PowerPoint for a class presentation, which I received an A for), but this program also helped me outside of class work. Just a big stress reliever this program has been. Especially, with the home remodel project; less fights with the husband about getting things started and organized.

Thank you again for sharing this get software program and allowing me to free my mind.


Crystal Herring

Brandman University San Diego

Professors & Personnel


Mimi Murray (Professor).  “I especially liked your style of presentation and explanation.  You were very patient and clear in your instructions.”

Barry Schwartz (Professor) “Highly valuable.” “I got immediate benefits from the seminar. It was presented and demonstrated so well that the first half hour convinced me that I should download the tool and start using it.  When I did, I found that it has become part of my regular toolkit of software for writing proposals and managing projects.

The software was a tool I’d been seeking for a while. I put it to work on a talk I am giving on economics and neuroscience in the fall.   I’ve been using outlines in Word for a long time, but this method is an immediate and intuitive upgrade. I can use the tool as a scratch pad and organizer.  Paul was enthusiastic about the usage and patient in going over the steps needed to get started right away.  In my own use of the tools, it helps with clarity of thinking and time saving when I’m working on a presentation or article.”

Michael Orr (Professor).  “I especially liked – interactive, actually using the tools in the seminar.  –Very valuable –Help organize information.  Students would definitely like this.”

Bob Jones (Professor).  “I especially liked the practical application & how to use the program.”  How valuable was the workshop?  “1-10 = 10.”

Ann Phillips (Professor).  “I especially liked the instructor’s willingness to move at the pace of the participants.  Very valuable especially with follow-up sessions.”

Steve Ashton (Community Outreach), Jan 5 2012.  Kerry said that many departments there use mindmapping…..on paper.  Kerry has been talking to people there about your Mindtools and there is a lot of interest in your seminar.


City of Chula Vista


Kerry Bigelow (Human Resources/Continuous Improvement Specialist) 

“Thank you to you and Brandman for providing this valuable training for our employees!  Melanie and I have found it very useful for managing our projects (I’m planning a kaizen event and Melanie’s planning a teen citizen academy at the Police dept). I know the others are eagerly awaiting the training after seeing what we’ve done with our maps.”

“A very welcome side effect has been the ability for coworkers to connect and begin to break down some of the silos that exist in our organization. Several years of budget cutbacks and layoffs have severely affected our employees’ morale. With the training you have scheduled, we’ll have folks in Human Resources (me), Fire, Police, Library, City Clerk, and possibly Administration/Communications departments trained. After we all get on board, I’m planning on beginning a discussion with everyone to share ideas and ways we’ve used the maps.”

“The new map I created today is helping me plan a kaizen (rapid process improvement) event for our 2 library branches to streamline the book circulation process.  I’m using it to identify issues, keep track of my notes/ideas, determine the scope of the project, and plan the event itself (which will probably take place in March/April). This previously took place on paper notes in a folder. I’ll give you a better idea of the reduction in review/planning time when I get to that point.  I think I can safely say it’ll save at least 15-25% (as well as preventing the loss of great ideas that were mentioned today).”

I think the biggest benefit of mind mapping so far has been preventing ideas and notes from being lost. I took traditional paper notes on a conversation I had with a professional from out of state. I would have likely put the paper notes in a drawer and may have not referenced them again; however, with the mind map, I was reminded of them today and put into action a couple of the ideas that I had forgotten. The meeting notes were also converted into an easy-to-use format that I was able to share with my coworker.”

“I also used the mind map as a brainstorming tool to organize my thoughts for presentations and project planning. I was able to easily put ideas in and then organize them without forgetting anything. Most recently in my personal life, I helped my 81-year-old dad research and organize thoughts and ideas relating to financial planning and expense reduction. It made for a fantastic, easy-to-understand, yet comprehensive presentation to my siblings.”

“I impressed my physicist brother (not easy!) and other siblings last weekend with the map I helped my 81-y-o dad put together to manage his expense options/health care info.”

Stef texted me on Thursday and said she LOVES Freemind (and she thought you were ok, too).  Kelley just showed me the map Norma/crew worked on for the revamp of the website- looks awesome!!”

“In particular, quite a few of our employees have learned about mind mapping (using free software) from Dr. Greenberg, which is incredibly helpful in project management and the organization of information and ideas.  I use it extensively.  It has been very well received by our analysts, webmaster, as well as graphic designer, City Clerk, and some other staff.  (I have attached a screen shot of one I’m using to plan a process improvement event at the library.) We’re also putting together a supervisor’s academy and plan to augment it with some of Brandman’s workshops. I’m working with their staff to customize the training to meet our needs.”

“It has been a wonderful partnership and we have been grateful for Brandman’s generosity. Thank you so much for allowing Paul to continue to come provide the mind mapping training.  Our employees (including myself!) have found it an invaluable resource in organizing and managing our growing lists of projects and programs. Sincerely, Kerry”

Stephanie Loney (Principal Librarian). “I’m just back from a vacation, but I managed to mind map my involvement with the Performing and Visual Arts grant just before I departed. As I settle back into work it is handy to have it all laid out there!”

Joy Whatley (Librarian).  “The workshop is extremely valuable.  I think most managers would love this, especially to align the city towards mission and visions.  I can look back and see many projects that can be mind mapped.  I especially liked seeing how this software could be useful in my daily operations.  I have been busy creating mind maps in preparation for staff evaluations.” (from seminar evaluation & email)

Donna Norris (City Clerk)

I am using the programs (Free Mind at work and Mindmeister at home), and loving them for the purpose of keeping track of the immediate & long term tasks.  Thank you very much for your time in introducing this time saving, productivity enhancing tool!

Lorraine Bennett (Sr. Deputy City Clerk)

I am just getting started, although that in itself is progression, right??   Thanks for keeping in touch on this, and I feel confident that once I get going, I’m going to benefit greatly from this tool.

Kim Schanz (Graphic Designer)  “Well, overachiever Kim has a working mind map at home.  It’s gotten quite elaborate and it’s going to be awesome!  Actually, it already IS awesome.  I basically took the goals list I had written down and converted it to a mind map.  I then developed the ideas further.”

“The biggest thing I’ve gotten from this?  Smaller short term goals that will help pave the way to my longer term goals–I didn’t have any of those written down, so I’m able to create those and keep adding them as I think of them.  I’m getting my goals organized and it’s going to be great to be able to check things off as I get them done.  Not only do I love being on top of my game as a well-organized, well-oiled machine; I also like the feeling of accomplishment.  This is a win-win. “

Leilani Hines (Principal Project Coordinator, email to Flavius Akerele). 

“Dear Dr Akerele,

Dr. Greenberg has been working with staff here at the City of Chula Vista introducing us to the capabilities and possibilities of the Freemind software.  Yesterday after training, I went right to work on my mapping and immediately saw results.  Needless to say, I ended my day on a very high productive note.  Please see my attached e-mail to Dr. Greenberg.  Thank you for continuing to support Dr. Greenberg’s work.  We are looking forward to happier days ahead.

I have to tell you that I’ve been working on my mind map for my Housing Element project and my Records Research project this afternoon.  I’m already seeing the dividends.  It’s keeping me on track and focused.  I’ve already scheduled two community meetings, developed the outline for meeting, and left messages with people who I needed to follow up with.  I’m keeping my lap top on next to me and as ideas are popping up in my head about what I need to do, I’m inputting them.”

Melanie Culuko (Public Safety Analyst).  The Mind Map software has allowed me to take ideas from head and grow and develop them.  I am able to put a thought or concept down and come back to it without having to reorient myself to where I left out.  It has also allowed me to identify “waste” in my work and streamline processes.  Although this waste was here all along, it wasn’t until I saw it represented graphically that I saw where I was duplicating efforts or doing unnecessary steps.

Stefanie Balchak (Public Safety Analyst)

I am very excited about Mind Mapping and this software.  The whole idea of Mind Mapping was new to me and has in some respect opened doors to a new way of thinking.  I envision so many ways that I would like to use this (projects, software tracker, report log, request log, DUI reimbursement tracker) and when I really sit down and enter all this information I am sure that I will find many more uses just for work (then I get to play and use it for personal use too).  There are current manuals and reports that I am anxious to convert to FreeMind.  I know that this will, in the long run, save me time and keep me more organized.  I am so excited about not forgetting anything and not losing information ever again!  Next step is to start getting all the information I can into FreeMind so that I can have my next meeting with Paul and learn more!

Norma Frank (Webmaster)

Hi Paul!  Yes, thank you. I hope your week is productive and fun!

I created a mind map of the project taking a little of the one we created together but more at a higher level for a meeting that I had. I think it help a lot to get my message across, reduce the amount of time trying to figure things out and spending more time in making sure people understand, gave their feedback and agree in action items. Uses:  Web design planning, mapping project discussions.


San Diego Professionals


Refugio Jones, San Diego, CA – Electrical Engineer, Writer

Use: Creativity & Planning

“It helped me clarify my goals and actions.” Who might this be good for? “Anyone who is creative, entrepreneurs, business owners & almost anyone who wants clarity”


Star Morrow, San Diego, CA – Legal Services

Use: Clarifying life goals, Identify thoughts

“I especially liked how mindmaps help me to free my mind and see exactly what I’m thinking. Priceless, to be able to see the map of your life and edit it! Wow.”


Thomas J. Cramer, PhD (Scientist, The Scripps Research Institute)

To whom it may concern.

I strongly support Dr. Paul Greenberg in his Mind Tool seminars. I have attended several of these events and every time I am astounded with the increase of efficiency of both my personal and my professional activities. The first things that leaped to mind during these seminars were personal finance planning, keeping a multitude of projects organized, and troubleshooting problems.

The seminars I attended proved very accessible for a wide range of people. This is showcased by the variety of people I met in the classroom, ranging from young foreign exchange students pursuing a degree in business, to a retired U.S. Marine. Anyone can do this. With superb enthusiasm and patience Dr. Greenberg guides his students through the basics by teaching them the theory of mind-mapping, and taking the first steps in the Mind Tools software together with them.

For my professional activities as biomedical scientist these seminars have great value. A large part of my work consists of literature research online, in the library, and through personal contacts. Combined with experimental data from the lab, these efforts result in writing and publishing scientific papers. The tools I gained from the Mind Tools seminars have helped me to keep these efforts organized. It is all on my screen in one single overview, rather than spread over six piles of paperwork scattered across my desk, and possible elsewhere. My research is now a lot more accessible, and I save an amazing amount of time by not having to repeat tasks (because I forgot that I did it before, or because I couldn’t find my written notes, etc.).

Reduction of information overload is the major benefit for me. It saves time, and ultimately reduces my stress, which makes me happier and therefore more efficient. As example: the vast online library of scientific papers can be completely overwhelming. Keeping track of which papers are important to which project is a very tedious task, that usually involves filing cabinets filled with print-outs. In the mind-mapping software I now keep all my projects visible, organized, and linked to papers either online, or to PDF files on a local computer. Short notes are integrated with each link so it is easy to see what each paper is about. Everything is a single click away, rather than a 30 second search through a cabinet (without exaggeration).

Another large part of my work is troubleshooting failed experiments in the lab; in research, experiments do not always work and to move forward these problems need to be resolved as quickly as possible. Here I strongly lean on the ICOP and Interviewing techniques that Dr. Greenberg teaches to efficiently brainstorm the problem by identifying sub-problems, organizing, and prioritizing them. This quickly leads to a well-formed plan of action on how to tackle the problem at hand.

Many schools and textbooks recommend drawing up concept maps to create a visible overview of study material, so it is easier to focus on parts of the map that requires more attention and effort. Dr. Greenberg teachings allow the student to create an interactive concept map. It is completely adjustable to personal preference, making it accessible for many people, and takes very little time to create.

Based on the above I would recommend the Mind Tools seminars to any and all students, in any field of study. All the problems that I encounter in my work as a scientist, the students also encounter in their daily activities (both in, and out of the classroom). I therefore believe that the Mind Tools seminars will be of great benefit to all who attend it.


Thomas J. Cramer, Ph.D.

The Scripps Research Institute

Department of Molecular and Experimental Medicine

10550 North Torrey Pines Road

La Jolla, CA 92037


Linsey Friske (Student, Veterinarian School)


The Mind Mapping seminars of Dr Greenberg’s that I have attended have been invaluable to me.  Not only have they helped me in my scholastic activities as I am earning my Medical Doctorate, I have been able to utilize them in my everyday activities as well.

I am much more organized than I have ever been and best of all, Dr Greenberg has taught me how this tool can keep tasks off my mind so that I can be free to learn the most that I can while becoming a clinician.  Most recently, I have attended a seminar of his that incorporated monetary management and now I can feel comfortable about knowing how to figure my loans and future salary with very little trouble and headache.  I would gladly attend additional Dr. Greenberg seminars if they were offered.


Linsey Friske