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Dr. Paul Greenberg CEO Brain Scientist, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Professor – It is a joy to help people of all ages tap into more of their potential every day and across life.   I’ve created fast training programs let you start using neuroscience and free thought support software to simplify & improve life, work, and achievement in the information overload age. The dream behind this website is to help people learn methods and technology that literally expand the human mind so that we all have a better chance at making our own dreams, ideas, and passions become real.  Most of success is knowing the right people and having a great team or network, but with or without this, each of us has to create and offer something useful to others.  Your team, family, or network is up to you, but I am happy to help you learn tools, technologies, and methods to reduce the stresses and enhance your mind’s capacity in today’s information overload world.

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Dr. Julie Ducharm Owner JD Consulting, Professor, Speaker, Author, and more.  Julie and GECO Inc partner to provide professional development and leadership courses.   With years of experience in higher education administration and a passion for teaching, Julie is a both scholar and well spoken business personality.   Linkedin Profile

Advisory Board


  • Dr. Stephen Cowen, University of Arizona. Neuroscience Adviser
    • Decision making, spatial navigation, neuronal recordings, behavioral testing
  • Dr. Kari Hoffman, York University. Neuroscience Adviser
    • Perception and Memory formation, brain and social cues, neuronal recordings
  • Dr. Eric Wiertelak, Macalester College, Neuroscience Adviser
    • Pain, pain relief, neural correlates of movement & dance perception, education
  • Dr. Timothy Ellmore, University of Texas Health Science Center, Neuroscience Adviser
    • Memory encoding, storage, and retrieval
  • Barry White, Retired Captain, USN, San Diego, CA. Public Relations Adviser
  • Stacey McKibbin, Action Coach San Diego, CA. Business Adviser
  • Dr.   Aldwin Domingo, Argosy University, CA. Education Adviser
  • Fred Mandell, Inspiration, Business, and Communications Adviser
    • Author, Speaker, Retired CEO. Art in Leadership, Life Change and Creativity

    Dr. Michael Scarlett, Asst Prof, Dept of Educational Theory and Practice Montana State University

    • Learning & Online Learning Advisor
  • Jason Van Marle, Technology and Cognition Advisor
    • Cognition and Software Design for User Experience
  • Victor Wintriss, Wintriss Technical Academy, Education Advisor
    • Teaching Java Programming to children years before that is considered possible

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