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Mind Tools Courses:

1) Mind Tools for Business – Online

Overloaded with information & demands? Need to keep pace with change while growing your business?

Join the on-line version of our Brain-Based Business seminar and support your mind with Free software for lower stress memory & productivity plus increased creativity.

In less than 3 hours, begin using intuitive visual information mapping software to lighten the load on your memory while making it easier to refocus attention, learn, capture ideas & information, organize, and manage projects.

This two week course shows you how to use neuroscience plus free software to extend your mind, free up time, and lower stress. Gain immediate benefits to personal information management, clarifying ideas, and fast ways to refocus attention. Gain long-term benefits from your electronically extended memory and detailed project or personal plans. This brain based learning is suited to anyone who wants an edge and can use a keyboard and mouse.

Lifetime support (any question, any time) from the author of this course, research neuroscientist, professor, and small business owner Dr. Paul Greenberg.

Requirements: Books, Maps, & Supplements Free. Software Free. Lifetime support website Free. 20 min phone consult Free. Spouse/Partner access Free.

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Neuroscience ideas are making their way from the laboratory into business, but the pace is slow.  This is especially unfortunate given that you can start applying the ideas in the time that it took to read these sentences.

Business ultimately depends on ideas and as more routine tasks get outsourced or automated, valuable jobs will increasingly be held by those who can most effectively generate and implement feasible ideas. The mind is your ultimate source of ideas, so it makes sense to support it in a way that is Ergonomic for each person.

For example, your unassisted working memory typically stores 7 plus or minus 2 pieces of information.  What if it were easy to surpass this limit?  We use this type of memory as a short-term store for the ideas and information used to guide decisions and actions.  What happens to your memory span if you assist it,systematically, with “visual thinking” software every time you work and/or generate ideas?

Rather than simply teach you to use tools to assist you with single tasks or even sets of related jobs/goals, our goal is to help professionals build a visual, electronic extension of every relevant mental function.  We start with learning, memory and attention because they affect everything.  All training is hands on, and nothing is discussed that you can’t act upon.  100% of the ideas are relevant, immediately actionable, and visible on your computer.

Scientists love theory, you love effective action and achievement.  We package the theory in a form that you can use as quickly as you can think and type.  Training seminars are designed for impatient people who want to see benefits asap and are appropriate for employer sponsored professional development programs, self-sponsored training, and continuing education units.

Some challenges are unique and require new thinking, other challenges are common and require tried and true solutions.

Our training helps with both at the same time because your brain is the common factor when solving problems old and new and doing your daily work.


For the new challenges, we offer individual and team based training in Tools and Techniques to help:

  • Manage Information Overload
  • Organize and Plan your specific projects
  • Use visual, online collaboration tools to create ideas, continuously build projects, and capture knowledge in real time
  • Develop or maintain your Purpose, Mission, Goals, and Strategies
  • Train new employees more quickly
  • and more

For the common challenges we all face, the Tools and Training inherently help your mind

  • Learn & Remember
  • Focus your Attention
  • Recover from Distraction Faster
  • Choose the Habits you want to develop
  • and more

You and your team will get all of these benefits because the whole system is tailored to be Ergonomic for the way You and Your Team Members think, learn, communicate, manage information & knowledge, and make decisions.  All training is founded on neuroscientific principles, and rather than just hear about fancy theories, you will put them to work because using the tools inherently creates a more brain-friendly work environment.

Schedule a 30 minute phone call

  • Agenda
  1. Introductions
  2. Discover top work-flow, personal, and professional development priorities of you and your team
  3. Discuss timeline and budget
  4. Schedule a 30-60min Demo
      1. Outline the training project’s purpose, goals, action items, timelines, and follow-up.
      2. Prepare, review, and sign contract
  • Assessment forms are completed at the end of all training sessions.
  • We will review your successes, failures, and lessons learned – debrief on everything, repeat successes.
  • Your program leader will be provided with an evaluation document summarizing the purpose, goals, outcomes, and follow-up recommendations of your training experience
  • Lifetime free support, any question, any time