Software Installation

Hi All,

Here are instructions to download and install, or just login to the software we will be using.

1) Go to and download the correct software (Freemind) for your computer’s operating system (which is Windows, Mac, or Linux).

2) Follow the instruction on this page (the Freemind Download page)

3) View the Installation Videos in our Digital Chalk course if you want additional help.

4) Open the “Freemind” software, click the “File” menu, and choose “New”. This opens a blank information map for you.

5) From here, the class will show you how to enter information, move it around, colorize it, and much more. You can learn the basics on your own (slow), or from the class (much faster). Reply to this assignment by letting me know if you were successful in downloading, installing, and opening your first information map, or if you were not able to complete this. Paul Greenberg (

Please go to, sign up now, and choose “Basic Free” account at the bottom left of the page Do not pay. Just start with the free account.