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Educational Seminars for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Dr. Greenberg has developed and taught the “Mind Tools” seminars since 2010.  These seminars show attendees how to install and use information mapping software that serves as a support and extension of your mind and as an information management tool to support all personal and professional projects.

People most value the ability to support memory, organize projects and activities and reduce the daily stress of information overload.

Seminars are scheduled for 3 hour sessions but individuals can request that training to be divided into smaller sessions and also delivered 1 on 1 in-office for busy professionals.

All required computer programs are free of charge, some are open source. Quick reference materials and take home workbooks are also provided with each seminar. You will need your laptop, a notebook, a pen, and an open mind.  Dr. Greenberg offers three standard seminars as shown below.

University or College Students

1. Mind Tools for Students: Learn how to create 6 types of electronic information maps (mind maps) and see how to use them for Personal Information Management, project organization, brainstorming, planning, writing, creativity, and more.

2. Research Technology: Reference Management, APA/MLA writing, organizational tools & principles. Refine your professional skills, create better products, & become more competitive.

Faculty & Staff

1. Mind Tools for Professors: Learn how to create 6 types of electronic information maps (mind maps) and see how to use them for Lesson Planning, Collecting Course Resources, Personal Information Management, project organization, brainstorming, planning, writing, creativity, and more.

2. Electronic Visual Mapping for: Learning, teaching, presentations, departmental administration, and continuing education that is very hard to forget because it is always in your face (ha ha), on your computer.

3. Research Technology : Electronic reference management with automatic APA/MLA formatting (Mendeley, or software of your choice), organizational tools (Evernote or software of your choice) & principles. Help your students become more capable and professional.

4. Administrative organization with visual mapping and basic computer training – reduce clutter, automate your repetitive tasks, find information more quickly & easily, lower stress, and become a more desirable employee.


1. Mind Tools for Family Planning: Learn how to create electroinic visual maps to help yourself or your child plan anything, become more organized, and get the most from any new set of ideas you want to learn.

2. Ask about the following seminars for your college bound children: College Prep, Writing, Getting the Most out of College, Preparing for your Future.

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What is missing from current education?

Having taught college and university courses for over 10 years, it is clear that no course, program, or institution is teaching people how to systematically work with their mind’s output.  Is the entire field of education missing the idea that, beyond having thoughts, we ought to capture and process them as if we were panning for gold…and then act upon them with passion and persistence?

I believe the answer is yes, so in 2010 I created a seminar series that shows people how to easily and rapidly capture, organize, and expand upon any idea a person has.  This is important to me and to most people I speak with because the way we learn, create, and take action has a huge impact on our communities and ourselves.

Think about all of the new business activities, inventions, and artistic creations we see each day.  What if you can add to your own potential for these achievements using free tools and simple changes to daily habits?  These are some of the questions posed in our seminars in which trainees will begin building your own lifetime learning, idea, and project/program management systems.

Maximize your Education with Brain Based Learning for:

  • Grades 4-12
  • College / University
  • Graduate & Post Graduate
  • Continuing Education
  • Individual Personal Development
  • Individual Professional Development
  • Faculty Training
  • Staff Training

Selected Benefits

  • Improved Learning
  • Capture Everything You Value
  • Understand the links among course ideas
  • See the Big Picture
  • Be able to find the Little Details
  • Improved Working Memory
  • Improved Long Term Recall
  • Improved Planning & Organization
  • Better writing through better research & outlining
  • Protect the best ideas during any class
  • Build a life-long knowledge base
  • Lead group projects more effectively
  • Make better notes
  • Improved Planning & Organization
  • Improved Project Design
  • Improved Research Ability
  • Improved Understanding and Communication (first with yourself and then with others)
  • Create Your Knowledge Base
  • Reduce wasted time
  • Get rid of paper
  • See the Big Picture & be able to retrieve the little details Much Faster than without your new system.
  • Connect the dots more easily & quickly. This WILL allow you to expand your creative powers AND capture all your ideas.
  • Wake up, or energize your creative spirit. When you pay attention to your mind, you will see that it is quite active even when you don’t think it is.

    How to Get

    • Schedule a 30 min phone call with Dr. Paul Greenberg (
    • Schedule a 60 min meeting/demo
    • Decide if you want it
    • Determine Time Frame
    • Determine Primary Goals & Outcome Measures
    • Determine Budget & Contract
    • Discuss Technology
    • Discuss Team & Logistics
    • Schedule Training
  • Single Session (Day 1 Intro Only, 3 Hours)
  • Two Session (Day 1 Intro & Day 2 Your Projects & Dreams, 6 hrs over 2 weeks)
  • Three Session (Day 1, 2 as above, Day 3 Creativity, 9 hrs over 3 weeks)
  • Four Session (Day 1, 2, 3 as above, Day 4 Learning, Knowledge & Your Lifetime Growth, 12 hours over 4 weeks)
  • All sessions include lifetime free support – any question any time.
  • Choose a package, contact for pricing
  • Individual Sessions (Single Sessions, 4 Session package, Coaching)
  • Group Sessions: Standard (1-20), Custom (20+)
  • See Testimonials
  • Use your goals from step 1 to choose training package
  • Understand the general principles
  • Choose your short & long-term focus
  • Choose your challenges
  • Choose your evaluation methods & criterion
  • Brainstorm anything else
  • Set up Schedule
  • Provide first training
  • Your Evaluation
  • Preparation for the next session
  • Have fun practicing & exploring during the week
  • Capture your ideas & actions during the week
  • Report your Discoveries in next session
  • Report your Discoveries
  • Evaluate your Progress
  • Evaluate this Program
  • Schedule Next Training or conclude initial program
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