The Popular Brain

To understand the brain, we need the best evidence put into common language.

The decade of the brain (1990s) has given way to the century of the brain because there is so much to know.  With the ever increasing popularity of brain research and the ever decreasing patience span of us all, myths and misunderstandings permeate popular culture.

Myths are especially damaging in business and education where false beliefs, misallocated resources and unfounded practices fail to provide benefits and erode the credibility and utility of true brain knowledge.  True brain knowledge is provided by actual brain researchers.,. but only some of those researchers are good at explaining the concepts while knowing the limits of their own knowledge.

Rather than promote the myths by repeating them, The Pop Brain is devoted to showcasing some of the best simple yet correct explanations of brain function and brain related topics.  This page will grow and re-organize, but for the time being, enjoy the following links.

Right Brain, Left Brain, what is real?

  1. Joseph LeDoux, a neuroscience mogul and Captain of fear (research) corrects here some of the errors in many popular accounts of hemispheric (left/right) differences and explains a better way to think of our brain’s structure and function.


To see more of the links I’m collecting, try navigating the following “Pearltree” into Neuroscience and Education.

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