The Class of All

Hello and Welcome fellow Humans


Have you ever taken a class and it didn’t really make sense (stats)?

Oops…perhaps your professor forgot to discuss ALL-ness.

ALL-ness is when you start by showing people how little details fit into the big picture.  And not just any big picture…The big picture as it is for them in the moment (this requires that you discover your audience).

Disembodied knowledge is confusing, disconnected and when you give people a pile of stuff with too little context they suffer.  Context alleviates suffering because it gives people a bucket or a backpack in which they can store the piles of information school typically tries to blast people with.  All-ness is context.  As much as you can communicate or establish at any moment. 
The Class of All is just an invitation to take the steps necessary to see where any piece of knowledge fits within the grand scheme of your life. 

Step 1 – Ask the questions – What are we learning? How does this knowledge fit within or relate to all other knowledge. What is this good for?  How does this fit in my life?     

For example, what do we do with a statistics course?

1)  What are we learning?  We are learning how to live in a world that uses numbers to make arguments, and decisions like denying you healthcare.  We are living in a world where much can be measured, predicted, and controlled, so we want to learn the language and tools to become part of the group who can use and benefit from this power.  This is a high-level description of statistics and we want to have access to this in order to organize all of the little details such as hypotheses, analyses and formulas.  We help people paint the big picture first because this is a general orientation that we can remember when all else is either forgotten or gets confusing.  It is a home base we can return to when the mind tires.

Establish your Home Base before starting the rest of the trek.  Return to your Home Base when you encounter difficulty, recover, and then venture back out.