Senior Project – PSY 480

Hi All; Welcome to Senior Project

at National University

Here we will all learn to greatly improve our writing in 4 major skill categories and will produce a very interesting piece of writing plus a power point presentation on a topic you like best.

The writing and presentation go hand in hand, so work on them at the same time.  For the final project, your 10 minute presentation will summarize the purpose, points, and best ideas from your paper.  We will workshop your ideas in every class, using short guided learning sessions, technology reminders, peer-review and feedback and lots of trial and error.  Everybody is also required to be writing 5 days per week because much of writing is about creating the habit of writing.  This is identical to how we approach learning a physical skill – practice 5 days per week minimum, for at least 1 hour per day.  Your brain will change and your mind will open.

We will also learn how to do research, collect results, summarize results, sort the good ideas from the trash, and evaluate the data and arguments we encounter.  Your final project will package all of these ideas into a logical story that has clear sub-sections and clear paragraphs.  Remember, the job of the writer is to make the reader’s job easier.

For general writing tips, please see the information map below, navigate the various categories of information, and then click the little bubbles to go to the linked websites.  Familiarize yourself with the most commonly misspelled or misused words, and go from there.

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Paul Greenberg