Jargon can make communication faster, or show that you are part of the group, but it can also be an enemy of understanding.  To help us understand each other, here are a few of our definitions.

“The external brain”: A group of hyperlinked, electronic visual maps (mind maps) of the information that is most important to your personal, professional, and spiritual life. These information repositories serve as a living document and a central hub for the information in your head, on your computer, and on the web allowing for extended memory and rapid recall – two key functions of the human brain that are severely challenged in today’s information-overload society.

“Coaching”: Bringing out the best emotions and top productivity in every client. Explore and discover your personal needs, maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. We providing training in free software to enhance thinking and help you improve your motivation. We provide intelligent advice, researched solutions, evidence based evaluation, and rapid feedback.

“Product”: Any object or service that people create for sale or sharing.

“Techniques”: Ideas, advice, work habits, performance habits, mind set, these are the guidelines to get you started and keep you moving no matter what tools you use.