What do you need from neuroscience? 

Neuroscience provides new explanations of things you already knew – that productivity and leadership depends on how people feel and communicate.  However, the nervous system is biased to notice only the things that change – the unchanging becomes the unseen.  We will ferret out the unseen impediments, and use the principles of neuroscience to make sure that you have a useful perspective about how your brain works at work and at home.  There are standard unseen elements like time wasted due to distractions, and the unseen such as the wasted time due to inefficient electronic file management.

What would you do with an extra hour per day?

We live in the information overload age – do you know how it is affecting you, or have you just become accustomed to things as they are?

The first thing most people ask for is to get more done each day.  The productivity guru, David Allen tells us that he calculated the time he would save by increasing his typing speed by an extra 20 words per minute.  The figure far exceeded the time required to build the skill, so he did it.  As you build your “visual thinking space” and efficient information management systems, time savings will be built in – and they stay built in whenever you use the system.

Why not see how much you can extend your brain, and therefore your potential?

We do it anyway with our current set of tools (email, iPhone, etc).  Here, the idea is to make these efforts systematic, comprehensive, yet easy by learning a core set of tools plus the fundamental information management skills that will transfer when the technology changes.  We will identify your immediate needs, meet these, and then identify what you’ll need for the long term.


  • Time savings, lower stress learning, memory & attention

  • Visual information management tools & knowledge about your brain that you can apply in any situation.

We will help you leverage your own brain more effectively, show you the neuroscience behind these ideas, and discover/eliminate some of the key factors that hold you back.  The tools are great, but they are nothing unless wielded by trained and motivated people.