Increasing Human Potential

Neuroscience in Business and Education


Neuroscience ideas are making their way from the laboratory into business, but the pace is slow.  This is especially unfortunate given that you can start applying the ideas in the time that it took to read these sentences.

Business ultimately depends on ideas, and as more routine tasks get outsourced or automated, valuable jobs will be increasingly be held by those who can most effectively generate and implement feasible ideas.

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We teach the tools and ideas you are most likely to use. This gives each person the best chance to reap the possible short-term and long-term rewards. All required computer programs are open source and free of charge.

Quick reference materials and take home workbooks are also provided with each seminar. You will need your laptop, a notebook, a pen, and an open mind.

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1  Discover what you want, know, and need

2  See what, when, and how you take action

3  Help you prepare your new learning systems

4 Help your mind absorb those ideas and act accordingly

5  Help you contact the gurus of any discipline or skill you are now ready to learn from.

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